Buying a home can be very stressful. But with the right Realtors, you can rely on us to take care of all the details and help you and your family own your dream home.

1. We don’t just set appointments to show you homes, but we only show you  homes that fit your needs.

2. We are full time Realtors that work around the clock to work around your schedule.

3. We are local experts that know the current markets and neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

4. Before preparing an offer on a property you select, we do a full Current Market Analysis (CMA) to determine the current market value of that home so that we can better strategize our offer.

5. We are experienced on making offers for short sale, REO bank owned, and regular sale transactions to get your offer accepted; since each type of sales is handled differently.

6. We coordinate all aspect of the transacition and make sure we close on time.

We love what we do and nothing is better than helping a family acquire the American dream of home ownership!